Call For Submissions

Submissions are OPEN.

We accept previously unpublished literary works from emerging and veteran writers. We enthusiastically welcome submissions by new writers.

Writers Guidelines

Our mission at The Hooded Crow is to publish excellent literary fiction and poetry. Our hope is to publish your work. We’ll do all we can to make both happen.

70% of accepted manuscripts are from new and emerging writers.

What We’re Looking For:
Smart, vivid, unpublished fiction and poetry for adult readers. Specifically:

Fiction:  From micro fiction to a maximum of 12,000, we want fierce, thought provoking fiction that lingers in our minds long after the story is put down.

Poetry:  From haiku to epics up to 500 lines in length, we want poems that force us to explore new perspectives and reckon with new experiences.

What We’re NOT Looking For:

Religious works or salvation stories, erotica, horror, fan fiction, or anything containing excessive violence or gore. There are some really excellent publications that do accept these genres. If your work fits any of these, we hope you’ll submit to them. Great writing of all genres deserves to be published.

Simultaneous Submissions

Simultaneous submissions are totally fine. Just please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere so that we can remove it from consideration.


We pay $50 for every poem and work of fiction we accept, upon publication.


The fee for submissions is $10. In return, you get a thorough, written critique of your work.

About Critiques

The three most helpful measures for becoming an excellent writer are these: Writing (a lot). Reading (a lot) And, receiving honest, objective, and careful analysis of your manuscripts. With every submission not immediately accepted by us, we work with you to polish it and hone your skills. We show you what’s working, what’s not working, and we offer suggestions for how you might revise the manuscript to improve it. We also give you the opportunity to resubmit your revised manuscript (with no additional fee) for possible publication.

If you are interested in our critique service without submitting for consideration for publishing, please select “Critique Services” on the main menu.

Response Times

Responses to submissions may take as long as three months, though it’s usually shorter, sometimes as short as a few days, especially near press time. If you haven’t received a critique from us on your work after three months, please email us at

Fee refunds.

If, after submission, you request to withdraw your work from consideration for publication and we have not yet begun the critique process, we will return your reading fee, no questions asked.  Once we begin to read and  critique your work, no refunds are given. We will, however, remove the piece from consideration and send the completed critique to you.

We do not give refunds for works submitted in the genres: religion, Savior stories, erotica, horror, fan fiction, or anything containing excessive violence or gore. See above, “What We’re Not Looking for”).

Our Policies

Every accepted manuscript is published in a beautifully rendered print anthology, along with a biography (up to two pages) and photograph of the author (when available).

Our contracts are clear, straightforward, and fair. YOU own your story. We are buying first-publication rights. Once we’ve published your work, you are free to do with it whatever you’d like. We ask only that in future publications you reference The Hooded Crow as the first publisher.

We pay $50 for each manuscript accepted. We pay upon publication.

Our free bulletin gives you updates on calls for submissions, deadlines, contests, and more. We hope you’ll subscribe.

We believe privacy is sacrosanct. The Hooded Crow never shares your information with anyone for any reason.. Our publications contain no advertisements.

We look forward to reading your work!

Sample Critique

The Hooded Crow Written Critique





Date to return revised work for reconsideration:

November 25, 2017



Title: While “Cooking” fits, it’s generic. You might consider a new title with more attention-grabbing power..
Originality: The common breakup story with a delightfully refreshing twist. Nicely done.
Captivating Hook: Yes. Excellent opening paragraph. Attention-grabbing from the start.
Reader Experience: The story held my attention until the end, though I had to backtrack to see if I’d missed something meaningful about “Mother.” It was easy to invest in the MC and care about her.


Complex Character(s): Well developed unnamed main character (MC) and enough development of Bea to get a sense of who she is. The role of “Mother” is confusing. She appears important on the first page, but isn’t seen again except as a footnote on the last.
Character Development: The MC’s unfolding loss and grief are palpable and she is definitely changed by the end.


Plot Development: The arc for MC and Bea rises beautifully, reaches an identifiable crisis, and comes to a credible resolution. However, the inclusion of the “Mother” is a misdirection. She appeared to be the protagonist on the first page, but isn’t seen again. She is only mentioned again on the final page.


Speech Consistent with Character(s): Yes. The dialogue is tight, witty, natural. Mother’s dialogue is brilliant.
Assists with Character Development or Forward the Plot: Definitely. Great use of dialogue to reveal and define the characters and keep the plot moving.


Voice: You have a very fluid voice that reads smoothly and gives an intimate look into the MC’s dilemma and her experience of it.
Imagery: Wonderful use of sensory details – the smell of the sliced apples, the grittiness of the sea salt, the claustrophobic heat of the over. The inclusion of utensils and ingredients the MC didn’t have was especially noteable.

Grammar, spelling, word usage:

There are a few typos. Also, I think you meant “affected,” rather than “effected” on page 4.


What worked well: Cooking” is very well written, follows an easily traceable story arc and reaches a satisfying resolution. The biting dialogue and use of details made this story memorable.
What didn’t work well: The Mother character.
Suggested revisions for possible publication: Either flesh out the mother and make her more meaningful to the overall story or omit her. (Her dialogue is excellent thought, so our vote is to keep her and work her deeper into the mix. Fix the typos and the noted misused word.
Return the revised work by this date for reconsideration*:

November 25, 2017

* There is no additional fee to resubmit your work by the deadline on your critique. We really want to see your revision and, if possible, to publish it. If we don’t receive the revision by date on your critique, we will assume you have withdrawn it from consideration for publication. If you decide to resubmit the revised story after the deadline, you will need to pay another fee and we will start anew. If the work falls within the genres we aren’t looking for (see above), we won’t read or critique it.

Resubmitting your work is not a guarantee we will publish it, but it greatly enhances the likelihood that we will.